dot Learn is an ed-tech company in Lagos, Nigeria and is dedicated to making online video-learning accessible in Africa through proprietary data-light (1MB/hour) video-learning technology. We have a full library of SHS/WASSCE/JAMB data-light videos, and are currently partnering with local ed-tech companies in Nigeria/Ghana to distribute our videos.


dot Learn has developed a proprietary data-light video-learning technology called ".lrn", which makes video learning fast and affordable by storing hours of video-lessons in a few MB (up to 100x smaller than via comparable mp4s). This is possible because visual elements on the screen are stored not as streams of pixels, but rather as text-based vectors (equations, curves etc...), enabling efficient data-representation for certain kinds of videos


Given that ".lrn" is a new file format that we have developed, it requires integrating a custom library into your platform (Web/Android/iOS etc...) in order to play ".lrn" videos (see the Playing Videos section for details).


Using our technology, we have built full video courses for WASSCE/WAEC and JAMB curricula , as well as general SS1, SS2 and SS3 material, for secondary students in Nigeria and Ghana. Our courses include:

and soon

which are available to licensing to partner companies on a revenue share basis. For more info, see the Licensing page

Getting started

Get your server token

First and foremost, you will need a server token, which you can get by contacting our technical team. You should store this server token in a safe place on your server (as an environmental variable) or in a secret file which is not stored in version control systems. The server token will be used to for API calls to dot Learn's servers.

Browse our library of content

We have 2000+ videos for Math, Physics and Chemistry, and are releasing more every week. See the Licensing page for more details on how to retrieve our full curriculum programatically.

Import the .lrn player

In order to let users watch .lrn videos in your app/website, you will need to import the .lrn player library into your app / website. Specific details for each platform are show in the api section .